00718: Brooklyn Creed vs. Jennifer Justice


MP4 | 88MB | 10:32 | 720×480


Rough Country Girl, Diana Taylor was requested to ref this match between Brooklyn Creed and Jennifer Justice, and wouldn’t you know, Miss Beronica decided she wanted to watch the match up close and personal, right outside the ring. Lots of Backbreakers were and this match, along with figure four was used and this match also. Winner to receive a Liberty Pro Title match and the near future. (Special guest Referee: Lockup. Kicks to midsection. Face slammed into steel chair. Chair shots to back. Crucifix. Bow and arrow. Big body splash in corner. Shoulder thrusts to midsection. Standing on hair. Extended leg choke in corner. Stomach claw. Bending back over knee. Finisher: Double arm bar with repeated knee slams in back. pin.)


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