00492: Alejandra Lion vs. Miss Rachel


MP4 | 84MB | 13:31 | 720×480


In a 10-minute match, the 20-year+ veteran Miss Rachel takes on the Texas Sensation, Alejandra the Lion. Miss Rachel dominates the match, showcasing her experience and skill. (Kick to midsection. Face slammed into turnbuckle. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. snapmare. Knee in back chinlock. Double armbar. sleeper hold. Slamming face into apron. Slamming face into mat. Sitting on back chinlock. Hanging opponent upside in corner. Big kicks to midsection. Sliding drop kick to face. Body Slam. Leg Drop. Knee plants to back. Shoulder claw. Body Scissors. Slingshot throat across bottom rope. Finisher: Modified crippler crossface. submission.)


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