00433: Katie Meyer vs. Miss Rachel


MP4 | 79MB | 10:18 | 720×480


Poor Katie Meyer takes on Miss Rachel in a 10-minute one-fall match. Katie’s relative inexperience contrasts with Miss Rachel’s two decades in the ring, resulting in a mostly one-sided match until an unexpected finish. (Handshake to start match. Lockup. Knee lift to midsection. Wrapping arms around top rope. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Snapmare. Grinding foot into lower back. Boston crab. Extended leg choke in corner. Bodyslam. Body Scissors. Crossed leg lock. Pulling opponen up at 2 count. Choking on top rope. Dragging face across top rope. Headbutt. Big leg drop. Finisher: Sunset flip. pin.)


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