00341: Amber O’Neal and Miss Rachel vs. Fantasy and Ella


MP4 | 173MB | 19:48 | 720×480


In a tag team match, these four ladies provide great action in this 20-minute contest. Heels work over the faces in this intense battle, creating an entertaining showdown. (Ring entrances. Trash talking. Lock up. armbar reversals. Elbow shot to face. Stunner. Running face plant into mat. Slamming face into mat. snapmare. Kick to chest. suplex. headbutt. sleeperhold. Running dropkick. Modified Camel clutch. nose hook. DDT. Backbreaker. Bending back over knee. Superkick off the ropes. Dropkick to face. Foot in back with double armbar. Hip Toss takedown. extended leg choke in corner. Neckbreaker Elbow drop to midsection. Finisher: perfect plex. pin.)


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