00225: Arkansas Terror vs. Nikki Lane


MP4 | 143MB | 15:26 | 720×480


The long-standing feud between Arkansas Terror and Nikki Lane comes to a head. With Nikki previously suffering a broken leg, she seeks revenge. Terror aims to break Nikki’s arm this time, utilizing wrist locks, armbars, hammerlocks, and submissions. Will Nikki prevail, or will Terror succeed in taking her out for good in this 15-minute battle? (Trash Talking. Lockup. Armbar exchanges. Wrist Lock. Kick to midsection. Armbreaker. Bending fingers. Knee drop on arm. Grinding arm bar on mat. Stomps on the elbow. Knee across arm. Leg Drop to arm. Arm scissors. Standing on hand. Modified Wrist Lock. Crucifix. Stomping on the wrist. Injuring self jumping off corner. Leg extension. Standing on the knees. Knee drop to leg slamming leg into mat. Kicking leg. Rolling Leg Lock. Finisher: Figure four. pin.)


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