00199: Fantasy vs. Mississippi Mauler


MP4 | 76MB | 10:00 | 720×480


The Leather Jacket Match. Fantasy looking like a true 10 once again took one her arch enemy Mississippi Mauler. Mauler, the woman hater and wrestling, Mauler gives her long vertical suplexes, piledriver, figure four leg lock one her little short legs. This man is cruel to all ladies, not just Fantasy 10 minutes of action (Trash Talking. Big right hands. Kick to midsection. Suplex. Choking with her own jacket. Body slam. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Dropkick to head. Knee in throat. Big boot to face. First drop to head. Multiple Suplexes. Superplex off the top rope. Figure Four. Finisher: suplex. pin.)


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