00194: Allie Parker vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 84MB | 11:02 | 720×480


In this 10-minute match, the beloved Liberty Pro favorite, Fantasy, confronts the lady from Sin City, Allie Parker. Allie’s newly acquired elbow pad, seemingly loaded with a foreign object, leaves Fantasy on the receiving end of repeated knockouts, with sleeper holds amplifying the drama. (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. Big right hands. blatant choke. Forearm shots. Irish Whip. Elbow drop. Choking with elbow in throat. Choking on the bottom rope. sleeper hold. Running elbow into corner. Grinding elbow into midsection. Slamming face into mat. Grinding armbar. Double armbar. Body Scissors. Grinding elbow into neck. Bow and arrow. Grinding elbow into midsection. Boston Crab. Single leg Boston crab with elbow in knee. Full Nelson. Chinlock. Finisher: sleeper hold. submission.)


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