00195: Nikki Lane and Veronica Fairchild vs. Little Bit and Fantasy


MP4 | 102MB | 11:45 | 720×480


A Tag Match featuring four of the stars of Liberty Pro was set to be a great match. The match was good but their was a breakdown and communications between them and they all four said they were the BEST of Liberty Pro. at the end of this 10 minutes the referee broke it down and told them their would be a tournament to decide who was the Champion of Liberty Pro Matches 196,197 and 200 all are part of this series, finding out who the Champion will be (Introductions. Trash Talking. Quadruple hair pull. Lockup. Forced into a corner. Knee lift to midsection.Double teaming in corner. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. snapmare. Knife edge chops. Front facing side headlock. Stomping on foot. Jumping clothesline. Big right hands.Snap suplex. Finisher: Quadruple Hair Pull. No contest.)


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