00128: Fantasy vs. Jessie Belle


MP4 | 85MB | 11:42 | 720×480


The feud between these two beautiful ladies intensifies and this match. It is a 2 out of 3 falls, 10 count knockout match. The only way to win a fall is to knock your opponent out for a count of 10, and you must win two falls to win the match. Jessie Belle is looking for revenge after losing a makeover match to Fantasy, and has a trick up her sleeve that she hopes will secure her victory. 10 minutes of action, which includes sleeper holds and knockout punches. (Pre-match interview. Contaminating bottled water. Lockup. Waistlock. Leg Drop. Double armbar. Double arm scissors. Body Scissors. sleeper hold. Foreign object shot. Passed out from tainted water. Finisher: Foreign object uppercut. pin.)


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