00083: Rock N Roll Rock C vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 173MB | 19:58 | 720×480


20 long minutes of two of the best pros and the US. Rock C woke up and a bad Mood and I didn’t know of Fantasy was going to survive this match. Rock C was trying to hurt Fantasy. Rock C got a little to cocky for the 17 year veteran and the tide was turned and Fantasy now, Lots of corner work from both ladies but Fantasy has some solid fists. Rock C learned today just how tough the little Fantasy is, the hard way. (Trash Talking. Kick to midsection. Big shots to midsection. Eye rake. Knee lifts to face. Suplex. Wristlock with biting fingers. Bending fingers. Hair pull. Bear hug. Face claw. Jumping clothesline. Double armbar with foot in back. Double arm scissors. Underhook chinlock with Bodyscissors. Stomp to forehead. Jumping face plant into mat. Choking on ropes. Slaps to face. Finisher: DDT. Pin. continuing to assault opponents after the match.)


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