00074: Allie Parker and Veronica Fairchild vs. Brandi Wine and Little Bit


MP4 | 125MB | 13:49 | 720×480


This tag match involves Veronica Fairchild and Allie Parker vs. Little Bit and Brandi Wine. Parker was asked to help Fairchild finally defeat Bit and Wine. As soon as the match was over, Parker left saying she had done her job and Wine and Bit, attacked Fairchild from the backside, nearly breaking her leg but also making her leg bleed. I truly feel they both were wanting to END Veronica’s career as a lady wrestler. Thank God they didn’t get the job done but they got very close. Why will no one be loyal to Veronica, that’s the question that must be asked and asked now. (Introductions. Lockup. Armbsr. Side Headlock. Wristlock. Front facing side headlock. Front facing double armbar. Double teaming in the corner. Knee drops to arm. Stomping on the arm. Leg Drop to arm. Wristlock scissors. Sitting on the back of the chinlock. Arm scissors. Eye rake. Jawbreaker. Sleeperhold. Blatant choke. Full Nelson. Double armbar with foot in back. slamming knee into mat. choking on ropes. double teaming behind referees back. Finisher: Front facing headscissors. submission. Double teaming opponent after match.)


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