00073: Brandi Wine vs. Allie Parker vs. Little Bit

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Triple Threat Match between these three beauties started out as wrestling, escalated to a brawl and then to some torcher. I’m not sure what was up with Brandi and Little Bit but they were as mean as I’ve ever saw them, BOTH OF THEM (Attacking an opponent from behind. Double team. Stomps to the body. Double armbar with foot in back. Kicks to midsection. Choking using foreign objects. Slamming legs into mat. Taking off opponents boots. Sitting full Nelson. Chair shots. Putting the ankle in the chair. Underhook chinlock. Modified bow and arrow. Bending toes. Rubbing sock on face. Chinlock. Kicks to head. Double arm scissors. Foreign object shot. double team beatdown. Hanging the opponent upside down in the corner and kicking midsection. Foot on throat. Wrapping legs around ropes. Boston crab threw the ropes. Finishet: Stabbing feet with foreign objects. unable to continue.)

1 review for 00073: Brandi Wine vs. Allie Parker vs. Little Bit

  1. AJ

    Loved the match! I’m a fan of Allie and this was great. Thanks for producing these matches!

    • admin


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