00026: Rock N Roll Rock C vs. Kowgirl Kissey


MP4 | 182MB | 21:25 | 720×480


An astonishing 11-part match, this brutal showdown pushes both competitors to their limits. The pain tolerance displayed by each lady is astounding, with submission after submission and tap-out after tap-out. This match is not for the faint of heart but offers a unique experience for those who appreciate intense battles. (Barefoot Match. Leg sweep. Leglock. Bending toes back. Grinding foot work. Bodyscissors. Armbar. Headscissors. Hair Pull. Standing double armbar. Knee lifts to throat. Double arm chinlock. Sleeperhold. Modified ankle lock with toe twisting. Modified Leg scissors. Bridged over modified figure four. Sitting on the back with a grinding wristlock. Finisher: Standing figure four around the steel post. submission.)


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