00022: Little Bit vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 111MB | 15:18 | 720×480


Tough Match between two of the toughest ladies and pro wrestling today. This match has 7 or more pile drivers and it(tombstones and sit down both) Ladies went hard at it for 15 minutes. Little Bit subbed for Destiny Rayne who got scared and ran back to Chattanooga one a one way bus when she saw she was wrestling Fantasy. Little Bit said I will step and and she did and Little Bit fashion. one of the best matches I’ve seen and a long time from any company. (Introductions. Test of strength. Knee lifts to midsection. Bodyslam. Snap suplex. Jumping leg drop. Tombstone piledriver. Side Headlock. Single leg Boston crab. Boston crab. Piledriver. Power slam. Headscissors. Double arm scissors. Bodyscissors. Big right hands. Leg Drop off the corner. Camel clutch. Superplex off top rope. Finisher: Tombstone piledriver. pin.)


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