00018: Kelly Rayne vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 68MB | 10:07 | 720×480


In this approximately 10-minute match, Little Bit rudely welcomes newcomer Kelly Rayne to Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling. The match showcases Little Bit’s mean streak and her use of underhanded tactics. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Attacking an opponent from behind. Chinlock. Face claw. Clothesline. Hip Toss takedown Knee across throat. knee lifts to midsection. Grinding armbar on mat. Eye rake. Double armbar with knee in back. Bodyscissors. Choking on the middle rope. Wrapping legs around ropes. Leg extension. Leglock. Single leg Boston crab. Stomping the knee. Finisher: Single leg Boston crab on injured knee. submission.)


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