01356: Brian Rodgers vs. Judi Hendrix


MP4 | 82MB | 10:46 | 720×480


The Return Match between Brian Rodgers and Judi Hendrix showed once again just how good these two wrestlers are. Judi is a star in the making. 10 minutes. (Introductions. Lockup. Slamming face into mat. Irish Whip. Hip Toss takedown. Hair Pull. Big right hand Extended leg choke in corner. Stomp on leg. Bodyslam. Choking with my own hair. Camel clutch. Kicks to midsection. Swinging neckbreaker. Sleeperhold. Clotheslining opponent out of ring. Brawling back and forth. Big boot to face. Kicking knees. Surfboard. Slamming face into steel post Finisher: Figure four. submission.)


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