01763: Marina Tucker vs. Nikki Victory

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MP4 | 97MB | 10:20 | 720×480


In this 10-minute showdown, Marina Tucker and Nikki Victory go head-to-head, with a referee to enforce the rules. The bout pits Marina’s raw power against Nikki’s lightning speed in a thrilling contest that Liberty Pro fans won’t want to miss. Expect a high-octane battle that demonstrates the diverse skills and styles of these two talented wrestlers as they vie for supremacy in the ring. (Lockup; Waistlock; armbar; wristlock; Hairpull; Shoulder tackle; sideheadlock takedown; Headscissors; Extended leg choke in corner; Big forearm shots; Choking on ropes; Diamond cutter off ropes; Chinlock; Single leg Boston crab; Hairpull; Finisher: torture rack.)


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