01762: Nikki Victory and Little Bit vs. Diana Taylor and Ella

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MP4 | 63MB | 11:04 | 720×480


A 10-minute Liberty Pro spectacle is in store as Nikki Victory and Little Bit team up to face Diana Taylor and Ella. With a referee present, this barefoot match showcases former tag team partners and rivals on opposite sides of the ring. Expect drama, intensity, and an unforgettable clash as alliances are shattered, and fierce competition takes center stage. (Barefoot match; Introductions; Lockup Stomp to back; Dropkick; Double clothesline; Double teaming; Chinlock; Slamming face into mat; Big body splash in corner; Camel clutch with hair pull; Jawbreaker; Clothesline; Swinging neckbreaker; DDT; All four competitors brawling in ring; Finisher: Double DDT; pin.)


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