01759: Million Dollar Baby vs. Shawna Reed

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MP4 | 70MB | 10:28 | 720×480


In this 10-minute Liberty Pro showdown, Million Dollar Baby faces off against Shawna Reed, and there’s no referee to maintain order. The match takes a brutal turn as Million Dollar Baby delivers a hair-pulling beat-down to Shawna Reed. It’s a personal vendetta that’s been taken to the extreme, and fans are in for a hard-hitting bout where retribution is the name of the game. (Opponent already out in ring; Snapmare; Slamming face into turnbuckle Vicious hair pulling Sleeperhold with hair pull; Single leg Boston crab with hair pull; Standing on hair Headscissors with hair pull; Headbutt; Camel clutch with hair pull; Wrapping hair around ropes; Foot in throat; Shoulder thrusts into midsection; choking on ropes; Bodyscissors; Finisher: chokehold with hair pull; submission.)


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