01524: Su Yung vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 161MB | 20:33 | 720×480

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In a Loser-Quits-Wrestling match lasting a total of twenty minutes, the battle turned brutal with foreign objects and hate-filled action. The deep-seated animosity between Su Yung and Fantasy was on full display. (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. Hair mare. Side Headlock. Eye rake. Biting fingers. Throat spike. Foreign objects shot Wrapping arms around ropes. big body shots. Scraping forehead with foreign objects. Busted wide open. Choking with foreign objects. Big shots with foreign objects. Bleeding profusely. Slamming face into steel chair. Grinding fork into forehead. Both competitors busted open Brawling back and forth. Clothesline. Low Blow. Lion Tamer. Finisher: sitting on back with armbar. submission.)


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