01513: Million Dollar Baby vs. Autumn Mariee


MP4 | 79MB | 10:10 | 720×480


It just doesn’t get any easier for Autumn as she faces her arch enemy, The Million Dollar Baby in one fall, ten minutes of action. They do and don’t like each other’s status in this match as always. (Opponent is already in the ring. Hairpull Cranium crush. Slamming face into mat. Standing on hair. Slamming face into mat. Big body shots. Low Blow kick. Wrapping hair around ropes. Sleeperhold. Eye rake. Hand smother. Headscissors with hair pull. Chinlock through the ropes. Foot in back with double armbar. Extended leg choke in corner. vicious hair pulling. Camel Clutch. Single leg Boston crab. Finisher: Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. submission.)


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