01455: Erica Torres vs. Nahir Robles


MP4 | 84MB | 10:08 | 720×480


Erica Torres, known for her strength, clashed with San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Nahir in a one-fall match lasting ten minutes. Keep an eye out for a potential rematch at Liberty Pro. (Introductions. Lockup Wristlock exchanges. Armbar exchanges. Hair Pull. Snapmare. Sleeperhold. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. Waistlock. Side Headlock. Shoulder tackle takedown. Hip Toss takedown. Shoulder thrusts to midsection. Knee smash to face. Double armbar. Extended leg choke in corner. Vicious hair pulling. Underhook chinlock. Foot on back of throat. Leglock. Clothesline. Jumping face plant into mat. Finisher: Overhead suplex. pin)


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