01390: Brian Rodgers vs. KateLynn Black


MP4 | 92MB | 10:48 | 720×480


Rough N Rugged Brian Rodgers took on KateLynn Black in a 10 minute match. KateLynn isn’t called the Queen of the Gulf Coast for just any reason. (Introductions. Lockup forced into the corner. Big right hands to middle. Blatant choke. Extended leg choke in corner. Stomp on the ankle. Standing on her ankle. Stomping on hand. Stomp on forehead. Big right hands. Stomp to shoulder. Suplex. Standing on hair. Elbow drop to midsection. Choking on ropes. Chinlock with hair pull. Grinding boot into forehead. Side Headlock. Spinebuster. Brawling back and forth. Finisher: Figure four. submission.)


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