01321: Rebel Kel vs. Million Dollar Baby


MP4 | 113MB | 15:11 | 720×480


After winning the Liberty Pro Championship from Million Dollar Baby, Kel was feeling it and in this match, she kinda just took control and controlled most of the match. 15 minutes no ref. (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. Hair Pull. Slamming face into turnbuckle Kicking midsection. Standing on the throat. Boston crab. Single leg Boston crab. slamming knee into mat. Camel clutch. Rubbing knuckles into scalp. Surfboard. Knee in back with double armbar. Arm scissors. Foot on throat. Backbreaker. Bending back over knee. Grinding elbow into midsection. Ankle Lock. Modified Bow and arrow. Finisher: Camel clutch. submission.)


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