01258: Vita VonStarr vs. April Hunter


MP4 | 89MB | 10:47 | 720×480


Pin Fall only match featuring these two outstanding ladies once again. April we all know about, but Vita will be a household name in wrestling any day now. Talented and Mean, two quality ingredients for sure. 10 minutes. (Introductions. Lockup. Wristlock Armbar. Legsweep. Leglock. Side Headlock. Hair Pull. Ramming face into turnbuckle. Extended leg choke in corner. Knife edge chops. Blatant choke. Snapmare. Double handed hair pull. Low Blow boot grinding. Stomp to midsection. Waistlock. Underhook chinlock. Knees in back with hair pull. Tree of Woe. Sleeperhold. Headscissors. Headscissors threw the ropes. Finisher: Bodyscissors roll-up. pin.)


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