01227: Erica Torres vs. Jewells Malone


MP4 | 169MB | 20:20 | 720×480


This is a twenty minute match featuring two of brutal and talented ladies both in professional wrestling. This was their first time meeting and it was awesome. Special Ref Marina Tucker let them have at it, and you will love this match. (Introductions. Ring entrances. Lockup. Wristlock. Armbar. Jawbreaker. Jumping crossbody. Dropkick. Kick to midsection. Power slam. Big right hands. suplex. Hip Toss takedown. Kicking opponent out of ring. DDT. Elbow drop. Rubbing Bulldog into mat. Boston crab. headscissors. Elbow shot to the throat. Throat chops. Big forearm to throat. Headbutt. Spinebuster. Camel clutch. Scorpion deathlock. Sidewalk slam. Double arm suplex. Finisher: spinebuster. pin.)


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