01166: Arkansas Terror vs. Million Dollar Baby


MP4 | 131MB | 15:20 | 720×480


Looking Stunning and her GLOW outfit, the Million Dollar Baby took one the mean Arkansas Terror and a 15 minute encounter. Terror hates women wrestlers, Terror hates the old GLOW show from the 80’s, so Million Dollar Baby thought she pull one one the Terror and this match. Sadly Terror did not think it was funny at all. (Pre-match interview. Kick to midsection. DDT. Leg sweep. Kicking leg. Leg pull. Standing on hair. Grinding knee into face. Headbutt. Ramming head into turnbuckle. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Nose hook. Elbow drop to back Full Nelson on the mat. Leg Drop. Knee drop to midsection. Body splash off turnbuckle. Lifting opponent up during pin. Body splash off corner onto back. Bodyscissors. Back rake. Finisher: Bear hug. submission.)


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