01158: Crystal Fire vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 81MB | 10:00 | 720×480


In a match between friends and foes, Fantasy aimed to topple her usual rival, Crystal Fire. In a surprising turn of events, Fantasy emerged as the winner after an intense 10-minute battle. (Introductions. Waistlock. Kicking knees. Leg extension. Chinlock. Headscissors. Slamming face into mat. Big right hands to midsection. Standing on the throat in the corner, Knee smashed to the face. Stomach claw. Standing on hair. Knife edge chops. Wrapping arms around ropes. Camel clutch. Face claw. Back rake. Leg drop. Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. Double arm bar with foot in back. Biting the knee. Blatant choke in corner. Finisher: Jumping face plant into mat. pin.)


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