01062: KateLynn Black vs. Diana Taylor


MP4 | 174MB | 15:31 | 720×480


For 15 minutes and barefoot, these two ladies beat the crap out of each other. ring post was used, lots of outside the ring action with these two tough ladies. Diana Taylor and KateLynn both, are some very tough talents and ladies wrestling. (Barefoot match. Face plant into mat. Wrapping Hair one top rope. Choking using own hair. Bear Hug. Standing one hair. Chest stomp. Vicious hair pull. outside ring Action. Face slam into apron. Face slam into steel post. Grinding Face into steel chair. standing one hair. Big Boot choke and corner. choking one ropes. Camel Clutch. Choking one bottom rope from outside. Finisher: Hair pulling all the way to back.)


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