01060: Arkansas Terror vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 171MB | 20:02 | 720×480


This match was 20 minutes long of some of the best Intergender wrestling you will see anywhere featuring the Evil minded Arkansas Terror taking one Rebel Kel. Both of these folks, know how to get it one, and the ring and both are great. (Test of strength. Fingers separated one top rope. Biting fingers. Standing one hand. Choking one ropes. Shoulder claw. Half Nelson. Blatant choke and corner. Raking eyes across top rope. choking across top rope. throat chop. sleeper hold. Arm Bar while.digging fist into side. Cheap shot to side. Digging Elbow into side. Kick to midsection. Long devastating bear hug. Forehead Claw. Finisher: Mandible Claw, refusing to release after bell.)


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