00817: Gemma Guliana vs. Nikki Victory

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Kinda like a test of strength, but not standing and doing one, this one was all over the ring, ringside, area and all over the floor. What a toughness of two ladies. This really was awesome not a wrestling match but it was good. (Lockup from back all the way to ring. Evenly matched lockup around ringside area. Evenly matched lockup around the ring. Evenly matched test of strength back and forth and center of ring. Back and forth mercy fight and center of ring. Lockup around ring and back to outside. Finisher: Continuous lockup. No contest.)

2 reviews for 00817: Gemma Guliana vs. Nikki Victory

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Again a great Test of strength match from Liberty pro.

    A good start in lockup from backstage to ring and struggle around the ring is nice. both wrestler done a good work.

    End of the match also nice.

    Kindly do these kind of matches more, because we can see lot of normal wrestling matches in all production houses but only very few doing testing of strength matches. So if you concentrate this type of match more you can get more downloads.

    Thanks again

  2. TI (verified owner)

    Good test of strength match.

    It is good that both wrestlers have the same physique.
    There was no sample image, but it was good to have a fingerlock.
    I wish I had more nose-to-nose staredown and chest-to-chest fingerlocks.

    But the TOS match is always great.
    I want to buy again!

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