00810: Gemma Guliana vs. Vita VonStarr


MP4 | 108MB | 10:41 | 720×480


Round Two- of the Who wants to be and Jessie Belle’s and Nikki Lane’s Faction. Gemma Guliana took one fellow New Jersey gal, Vita VonStarr. Jessie was their following the action watching to see who was the candidate. 10 minutes of action. (Introductions. Lockup. Hair pull. Waistlock. Side Headlock takedown. headscissors. Knee lift to midsection. Choking one middle rope. Slingshot off the ropes. Extended foot choke and corner. Snapmare. Face slam into mat. sleeper hold. Body Scissors. Drop kick. Standing one back with double arm lock. clothesline. Elbow to throat. bodyslam. Finisher: DDT into underthroat hook. submission.)


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