00710: Danika Della Rouge vs. Nikki Victory

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MP4 | 127MB | 14:55 | 720×480


Fifteen minutes starts off this taping on March 6th, and it never ready was a match but a brawl between some beauties Starting in the back, working in and out of the ring, power struggles, rough action and both showed more star power than ever seen before.

2 reviews for 00710: Danika Della Rouge vs. Nikki Victory

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Once again a great test of strength and lock up (collar elbow tie up) match.
    And this time you have done a very good camera work perfect angle and perfect shots  and it is a very good improvement in camera work comparatively to last one.  Try to improve little lighting  also.
    Both wrestlers are done a great job in lock up and test of strength. Both are evenly matched in lock up and test nice to watch, a perfect match from libertypro. 

    Try to make more matches in this format. (i think very less matches in this format but it has more fanbase)

  2. TI (verified owner)

    Good lock up match!
    Both wrestlers did a great fight.
    All Libertypro’s test of strength matches are wonderful .
    I also like lock up but want to see more chest to chest fingerlock contest.

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