00151: Katie Meyer vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 167MB | 19:45 | 720×480


Katie Meyer and Fantasy face off in an actual wrestling match at Liberty Pro. Meyer initially takes a cheap advantage and utilizes her MMA background with strikes and kicks. However, Fantasy, a tough veteran, fights back and tries to level the playing field. Enjoy 20 minutes of action in this exciting encounter. (Trash Talking. Championship belt shot to face. Kicks to midsection. Slamming face into steel post. Hair pulled through the ropes. Stomps to midsection. Camel clutch. Foot on throat. Eye Rake. Body scissors with face claw. Arm scissors. Stone cold stunner. Spin kick. Knee shots to midsection. Body scissors with sleeper hold. Modified Boston crab. Chinlock. Knee strikes to the head. blatant choke. Modified Headscissors. Foot on midsection. Stomach claw. Finisher: Body Scissors with sleeper hold followed by a stunner unable to continue.)


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