00148: Angel Blue vs. Erica Torres


MP4 | 84MB | 10:33 | 720×480


Angel Blue and referee Little Bit prepare for this match and the ring by getting their socks and boots one before Erica Torres arrives for the match. Once Torres arrives, Angel starts the vicious assault one Torres, with the assistance of referee Little Bit. Angel removes Torres’ boots and socks, then spends the remainder of the match either viciously assaulting Torres or attempting to humiliate her. Lots of work to the foot and this match. 10 minutes of action. (Putting on wrestling socks and boots. Trash Talking. Attacking an opponent from behind. Kicking leg. Kicks to midsection. Modified bow and arrow. Taking off opponents wrestling boots. Foreign object shot. Steel chair shots. Grinding Steel chair into midsection. Putting the ankle inside Steel chair. Body Scissors with sleeper hold. Taping opponent to the ropes. Blind folding opponent. Pouring water over the opponent. Extended leg choke. Pulling toes. Finisher: Vicious Knife edge chops. unable to continue.)


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