00142: Brittany Love vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 81MB | 10:47 | 720×480


The Camel Clutch Champion Little Bit has decided to take Katie Meyer under her wing at Liberty Pro and make sure that Katie learns professional wrestling the right way. Brittany Love appears and challenges Little Bit for her championship. This match features several camel clutches, leg drops, and even a piledriver!! Who will be the Camel Clutch Champion at the end of this match? 10 minutes of action. (Trash talking. Championship belt shot. Chinlock. Leg Drop. Double teaming. Camel clutch. Bow and arrow. ceiling hold. Double armbar with foot in back. Slamming knee into mat. Hair Pull. Headscissors. Standing on hair. Piledriver. Multiple leg drops. Finisher: Camel clutch. submission.)


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