00117: Malibu vs. Gemma Guliana


MP4 | 217MB | 20:12 | 720×480


Gemma Cross makes her way back to Liberty Pro and has Malibu standing and her way. Back and forth match between these two beautiful ladies, featuring lots of slams, suplexes, rope work, and corner work between the two. 20 minutes filled with action!!! (Ring entrances. Lockup. Armbar. Elbow to face. Jumping face plant into mat. Suplex. Bodyslam. Diving knee to face. Knee in back with double arm bar. sleeper hold. Foot on throat. Elbow drop to midsection. Snapmare. Big boot to midsection. DDT. Ramming back into turnbuckle. Multiple kicks to midsection. Extended leg choke in corner. Standing on hair. Bending back over knee. Finisher: bodyslam. pin.)


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