00020: Rock N Roll Rock C vs. Kelly Rayne


MP4 | 115MB | 14:36 | 720×480


15 minutes of submission style match 2/3 falls with the 13 year veteran Rock against Youngster Kelly Rayne. Rayne is no rookie but lacks the experience of Rock C. Some holds/moves include chinlocks, Bulldog, corner work and more (Introductions. Lockup. Side Headlock. Armbar. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Blatant choke. Irish Whip. Running clothes lines into corners. Kicks to midsection. Snapmare. Clothesline. Big right hands. Hip Toss takedown. Kicking knees. Grinding elbow into knee. Wristlock. Kicking elbow. Chinlock. Jumping clothesline. Arm scissors. Sitting on the back with a grinding armbar. Single leg Boston crab. Camel clutch Leg extension. Slamming knee into mat. Standing ankle lock. Boston crab. Big boot to face. Stomach claw. Knee across throat. Choking on the middle rope. Hair mare. Standing on hair. Suplex. Running Bulldog into mat. Finisher: Surprise roll-up. pin.)


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