01457: Miss Rachel vs. Sofía Castillo


MP4 | 170MB | 22:25 | 720×480


Special guest referee Million Dollar Baby ensured order in this thrilling 20-minute match between Sofia Castillo and Miss Rachel. Both competitors delivered excellence in this clash. (Special guest referee. Ring entrances. Lock-up. Waistlock. Full Nelson exchanges. Jawbreaker. Dropkick. Hurricanrana. Elbow smash to forehead. Forearm smashes to throat. Irish whip. Big boot to chest. Body Slam. Suplex. Foot on throat. Slamming face into turnbuckles. DDT. Modified STF. Kick to midsection. Front facing side headlock. Clothesline. Sleeperhold. Hip toss Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Throat chops. Blatant choke in corner. Big body splashes in the corner. Big elbow drop. Stomps to midsection. Running Bulldog into mat. Suplex. Finisher: Power bomb. pin.)


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