01881: Ariel vs. Little Bit

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MP4 | 93MB | 10:36 | 720×480

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In a 10-minute showdown, Ariel and Little Bit collide once again, this time with the Liberty Pro Championship on the line in the first of three matches. With a referee overseeing the action, tension runs high as Little Bit defends her title against the determined challenger, Ariel. As the battle unfolds, speculation arises about the potential interference of Million Dollar Baby and Diana Taylor, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the already intense matchup. (Introductions. Lockup. Armbar. Side Headlock. Waistlock. Stepover toe takedown. Crippler crossface. Clothesline. Big forearm shots. Camel clutch. Armbar through the ropes. Suplex. Finisher: Stunner. pin.)


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