01769: Bam Bam Bundy vs. Gemma Jewels


MP4 | 94MB | 11:52 | 720×480


Get ready for a clash of power and resilience as Bam Bam Bundy, known for his immense strength and competing in intergender matches, steps into the ring against the towering Gemma Jewels, a fan favorite standing nearly 6-feet tall. With Alli as the referee, this bout promises to challenge the boundaries of intergender wrestling. Watch as Bundy’s raw power collides with Gemma’s height advantage and the rising star’s determination. In this 10-minute showdown, the Liberty Pro faithful will witness a contest that defies expectations and redefines the essence of competition in the squared circle. (Trash Talking; Kick to midsection Beatdown; Knee lift to midsection; Slamming face into turnbuckle Extended leg choke in corner; Boots to midsection; Sleeperhold; Knife edge chops; Shoulder thrusts into midsection; Standing on back; Blantant choke; chinlock; Finisher: surprise roll up; pin)


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