01768: Madi the American Baddie vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 81MB | 10:38 | 720×480


Liberty Pro fans, it’s time for a 10-minute Camel Clutch Championship match. Champion Little Bit faces off against the challenger, Madi the American Baddie, with referee Alli overseeing the action. It’s a battle for championship glory as these two talented wrestlers lock horns in a match that will determine who reigns supreme. Expect a hard-fought and dramatic contest as they strive for championship gold in the coveted Camel Clutch Championship. (Trash Talking; Hitting opponent with championship belt; Throwing opponent outside of ring; Slamming face into mat Camel clutch outside of ring; Leg Drop on apron; Sleeperhold; Multiple Leg Drops; Clothesline; Sitting clothesline; Suplex; Single leg Boston crab; Sleeperhold; Finisher: Camel clutch; submission.)


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