01521: Su Yung vs. Ariel


MP4 | 121MB | 15:06 | 720×480

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Su Yung was in this match, however it was Gothic like Su Yung took on Ariel and started even before the match officially started and Su was in rare form for this 15 minute match. (Attacking an opponent from behind. Chair shot. Choking with a steel chair. Foreign object smash. Stomping on midsection. Big forearm shots. Dragging face across top rope. Cradle swing. Suplex. Knee smash to face. uppercut. Snapmare. Biting hand. Bodyscissors. Big body splash in the corner. Extended leg choke in corner. Chokehold through the ropes. Pedigree through ropes. Blatant choke. Hanging the opponent upside down in the corner. Standing headscissors throw into turnbuckle. Airplane spin slam. Finisher: Diamond cutter. pin.)


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