01386: Brian Rodgers vs. Nikki Victory and Su Yung


MP4 | 135MB | 15:45 | 720×480


In a one-fall match lasting 15 minutes, Rough N Rugged Brian Rodgers takes on Nikki Victory and Su Yung, with both ladies donning attire reminiscent of the glow girls of the 80s. (Handicap Match. Trash Talking. Kick to midsection. Double wrist lock. Kicks to midsection. Sitting superkick. Stomps to the body. Elbow drop to the back of head. Power slam. Big right hands. Double handed hair pull. Stomp on hand Elbow shots to the throat. Blatant choke. Headbutt to midsection. Sleeperhold on back. Low Blow. Shoulder thrust to midsection. Double DDT. Double stomp on opponent’s hands. Boot rake to forehead. Extended leg choke in corner. Dropkick to midsection. Eye rake. Finisher: Power slam stacking of opponents. pin.)


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