00186: Little Bit vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 93MB | 10:27 | 720×480


Referee are to be referee’s not part of the match. As bad as NFL officials are the worst, but this joker who was hired to ref this match is the worst of all, Ever. Little Bit must have paid him off for sure. I swear this was a travesty at Liberty Pro and dirty as can be. Poor, Poor Fantasy (Posing in the ring to photos. Trash Talking. Referee double team. Full Nelson. Big right hands. Kicks to midsection. Knee planted in the back with chinlock. blatant choke. Slamming knee into mat. Wrapping legs around ropes. Choking on the bottom rope. Double armbar thru ropes. Bending leg around steel post. Camel clutch. Knee across throat. Forehead claw. Finisher: Modified tombstone. pin.)


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