00145: Angel Blue vs. Erica Torres


MP4 | 85MB | 10:29 | 720×480


Angel Blue and Erica Torres return to Liberty Pro and waste no time tearing into one another. This hard-hitting match includes several piledrivers!!! These two talented ladies give their all, hitting each other with everything the other has inside the ring and out. 10 minutes of non-stop action! (Match already in progress. Elbows to top of head. Body slam on concrete floor. Tombstone on concrete floor. Tombstone. Leg Drop on apron. Leg Drop. Power Tombstone. Big boot to face. Jumping leg drop. Foot on back of throat with Hair Pull. Big right hands. Big body splash in the corner. Body slam. Elbow drop off corner. Piledriver. Exchanging tombstones. Pulling up at 2 counts. Knee across throat. Foot on back of head. Finisher: Tombstone. pin.)


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