00107: Madi Maxx and Little Bit vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 138MB | 14:51 | 720×480


A one-on-one championship match between Madi Maxx and Fantasy evolves into a 20-minute two-on-one contest, as Madi Maxx outsmarts Fantasy, making it a NO DQ match. Witness the young contender staying a step ahead of the veteran. (Trash Talking. Lockup. side headlock. Hair mare. sleeper hold. Double teaming in the corner. blatant choke. Kicks to midsection. extended leg choke in corner. Jawbreaker. Jumping tombstone piledriver. Slamming opponents face into partner’s boot. Foot on throat. Double armbar around ropes. knife edge chops. Chinlock. eye rake. Big body splash in the corner. wrist lock. waistlock. Finisher: Jumping piledriver. pin.)


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