00107: Madi Maxx and Little Bit vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 138MB | 14:51 | 720×480


What started out as a one one one match, Madi Maxx outsmarted Fantasy saying she wanted a no DQ match and after that, Madi invited Little Bit to help her and a two one one championship match, and it’s all legal as it became a NO DQ match The youngster was one step ahead this time one the veteran. 20 minutes of action (Trash Talking. Lockup. side headlock. Hair mare. sleeper hold. Double teaming in the corner. blatant choke. Kicks to midsection. extended leg choke in corner. Jawbreaker. Jumping tombstone piledriver. Slamming opponents face into partner’s boot. Foot on throat. Double armbar around ropes. knife edge chops. Chinlock. eye rake. Big body splash in the corner. wrist lock. waistlock. Finisher: Jumping piledriver. pin.)


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