01264: Vita VonStarr vs. April Hunter


MP4 | 88MB | 10:22 | 720×480


Vita VonStarr took on the red one piece April Hunter in a one fall match. Vita, the former ROH wrestler is a big hit at LibertyPro and she was sure she did not want to lose that opinion of herself. April and her had a heck of a battle. (Introductions. Lockup. Waistlock. Wristlock. Side Headlock. Armbar. Chinlock. Snapmare. Double armbar with feet in back. Grinding armbar. Camel clutch. Crossed arm Chinlock. Knee in throat. Hair Pull over shoulder. Extended leg choke in corner Brawling back and forth. Kicks to the knee. Blatant choke. Underhook chinlock. Eye rake. Finisher: Tree of woe. submission.)


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