00099: Tiffany Roxx vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 175MB | 20:09 | 720×480


Prepare for 20 minutes of piledrivers, neck holds, and intense action in this match between Tiffany Roxx and Fantasy. Two exceptional lady wrestlers showcase their skills in a thrilling showdown. (Trash Talking. Test of strength. Knee lift to midsection. bodyslam. suplex. Leg Drop. Tombstone piledriver. Camel clutch. Foot on back with double armbar. Stomach claw. Front facing Tombstone piledriver. Knee drop to back. Figure four. Knee in back with chinlock. Double arm scissors. Multiple Tombstone piledrivers. Boston crab. Ceiling hold. Finisher: back to back Tombstone piledrivers. pin.)


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