00054: Veronica Fairchild vs. Tiffany Roxx


MP4 | 76MB | 10:28 | 720×480


Tiffany Roxx was ready to battle Veronica Fairchild and some back and forth action but then Veronica took to the side of her no one likes and tried to break Tiffany’s leg with Bouncing it off the ring post then applying figure four trying to apply more hurt to Tiffany (Introductions. Lockup. side headlock. Leg sweep. Armbar. Snapmare. Chinlock. Blatant choke. Hair pull. Backbreaker. Cranium crush. Sitting dropkick. Rubbing face into mat. Bow and arrow. Ceiling hold. Stomping knee. slamming knee into mat. Standing ankle lock. Single leg Boston crab. Figure four. eye gouge. dragging face across ropes. slamming face into turnbuckle. Boston crab. Slamming leg against steel post. Wrapping legs around ropes. Finisher: figure four. submission.)


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